Sean Parrish

637 Beltrees St.

Dunedin, Fl 34698




Born: 06/18/1978, Tampa, Fl.

Education: PhD, European History, Duke University (2015)

I am a self-taught artist from Tampa, Florida and have been painting for nearly twenty years. Since I was a child I have been an enthusiastic student of history, nature and art. In 2008 I was fortunate to receive a fellowship to study history at Duke University where I completed a doctoral dissertation focusing on experimental collaborations between naturalists, craftsmen and artists in Renaissance Italy. Since 2014 I have committed myself full time to a career in studio art while working part-time as a children’s art instructor and English teacher at the Hispanic Outreach Center in Clearwater, Florida.

I am passionate about abstract painting and embrace it as an experimental practice where spontaneity and chance are permitted to take precedence over design and planning. I often think of abstract painting as an unscripted conversation between painter and materials. Not knowing precisely where the dialogue will lead when I begin a painting is a thrilling prospect, much like travelling to a new destination never experienced before. I always want to be surprised in the studio and strive as much as possible to keep the process from becoming too formulaic. Each finished piece sets the stage for a new exploration of the relationships between color, form and surface. In the act of making paintings, the paintings also change me. For me, abstract experimentation is thus a kind of practical alchemy that begins with observation and cannot help but address fundamental themes of emergence, transition, transformation and renewal.    

Many of my paintings are executed in acrylic on heavy weight watercolor paper or panel primed with gesso or latex house paint. While color is the most important expressive vehicle in my work, I also strive to enhance dramatic contrasts by using a broad range of application techniques and unconventional materials. Along with considerations of form and color, combining these techniques allows me to push equally important juxtapositions in surface texture, luminosity, and opacity. Since I often work on several paintings at once, acrylic offers the most versatile, fast drying medium suitable for continuous experimentation in the studio.   


Group and Festival Exhibitions

2001 – “The Odyssey Show”, Fusion Gallery, St. Petersburg, Fl.

2002 – Gasparilla Festival of the Arts, Tampa, Fl. – Emerging Artist Award

2005 – Sunfest, West Palm Beach, Fl. – Honorable Mention

2013 – “A Toast to the Arts”, Appleton Museum of Art, Ocala, Fl.

2014 – Gasparilla Festival, Tampa, Fl.

2015 – Gasparilla Festival, Tampa, Fl.

2016 – Gasparilla Festival, Tampa, Fl.

2016 – Beaux Arts Festival, Miami, Fl.

2017 – Dunedin Arts Harvest, Dunedin, Fl.  

2018 – Gasparilla Festival, Tampa, Fl.

2018 – “The Cool Art Show”, St. Petersburg Coliseum, St. Petersburg, Fl.

2018 – Winter Park Autumn Festival, Winter Park, Fl.  

2018 – PAVA Annual Member Exhibit, Creative Pinellas Galleries, Largo, Fl.-

Honorable Mention

2019 – Art Beth-El, St. Petersburg, Fl.

Upcoming Exhibits

2019 – 60th Winter Park Sidewalk Festival, Winter Park, Fl.

2019 – Mainsail Art Festival, St. Petersburg, Fl.