Sean Parrish


Born: 06/18/1978, Tampa, Fl.

Education: PhD, European History, Duke University (2015)

Artist Statement

Abstract art has always appealed to me as a fundamentally experimental practice provoking conversation on the nature of art, creativity, beauty and aesthetic values. My current work in abstract collage combines printmaking and painting and extends my interests in experimental practice and hands on learning. My process typically begins with the making of an archive of visual marks, gestures and surfaces that I later use as source material for my compositions. This involves hand-painted papers, digital toner transfers and monoprinted papers using gel-plates, foam, plexiglass and found objects. Lately I have enjoyed using strings and cords on collagraph plates to produce unique looping forms that, for me, suggest faint traces of wandering life forms. While piecing each work together I pay close attention to color, transparency, form and overall balance of the composition. What I am after is an image that conveys the drama of a fragile system where structure and dynamic movement co-exist in compelling tension. 

My working process thus approaches abstract imagery as things “put together” – primarily  through empirical practices of observing, collecting, cataloging and arranging visual ephemera and gestures. While personal experiences and emotions certainly inform my work, I avoid proposing them as guidelines that might constrain the viewer’s interpretive imagination. With abstraction my larger aim is to provoke the viewer’s senses to create new experiences and emotional responses through an endless play of forms, lines, colors and tones.   


Group and Festival Exhibitions

2001 – “The Odyssey Show”, Fusion Gallery, St. Petersburg, Fl.

2002 – Gasparilla Festival of the Arts, Tampa, Fl. – Emerging Artist Award

2005 – Sunfest, West Palm Beach, Fl. – Honorable Mention

2013 – “A Toast to the Arts”, Appleton Museum of Art, Ocala, Fl.

2014 – Gasparilla Festival, Tampa, Fl.

2015 – Gasparilla Festival, Tampa, Fl.

2016 – Gasparilla Festival, Tampa, Fl.

2016 – Beaux Arts Festival, Miami, Fl.

2017 – Dunedin Arts Harvest, Dunedin, Fl.  

2018 – Gasparilla Festival, Tampa, Fl.

2018 – “The Cool Art Show”, St. Petersburg Coliseum, St. Petersburg, Fl.

2018 – Winter Park Autumn Festival, Winter Park, Fl.  

2018 – PAVA Annual Member Exhibit, Creative Pinellas Galleries, Largo, Fl.-

Honorable Mention

2019 – Art Beth-El, St. Petersburg, Fl.

2019 – 60th Winter Park Sidewalk Festival, Winter Park, Fl. – Honorable Mention

2019 – Mainsail Art Festival, St. Petersburg, Fl.